Debbie Miller

Courtesy of Jay Rembert

There are weapons of destruction in us all

Harsh words and bitter phrases

Designed to make others fall

We wield these weapons selfishly

Intending to cause pain

Because we want other to feel

The torment in our brain

But for us to ever move beyond

To evolve as humanity




Courtesy Nick Fewings

I’ll never turn you down

I’ll never tell you no

I’ll always be available

Wherever you may go

I’ll always love you more

I’ll always take your side

I’ll always pray for you

That God will be your guide

Forever,I’ll have faith

In your inner shining core

Wherever live will…



photo courtesy Saish Menon

Children come through us not from us

They are free to build the life that they choose

We don’t get to fight battles for them

We just love them whether they win or lose

Gateways provide safe passage

No matter what the terrain

Gateways provide time to develop

Throughout life’s…



The fog swirls and the storm rages

I sit at my desk doodling for ages

Trying to focus, to think and to choose

Which life path to follow I sit and peruse.

I slip into dreams and see light so bright

I see visions of miseries scenes of delight




Courtesy Amanda Dalbjorn

Choose to dream with your eyes wide open.

Choose to have faith that those dreams will come true,

For it only by chasing the future we envision

Can grey skies transform into blue.

Look for the possibilities in life-

Boldly strive to make your mark-

For it is only by…



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I can taste the whiskey on your breath

Feel the heat of your desire

But what you’re offering is like death

Will destroy me in the fire

A raven flew over me today

An omen portending change

Unless I exorcise thoughts of you

My horizon will rearrange

The light may…



Give more than you take

Take care of this green earth

Give thanks each day you live

Take joy in giving birth

Enjoy your children every day

Your children’s children too

Always take time to pray

And tell those that matter “I love you”

Be grateful for each pleasure




photo courtesy

Vonnegut would be ashamed of me

If he knew how much I watched TV

Sometimes I go into a Netflix craze

Go to work blurry eyed for days

My cable plan has choices sublime

Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Apple, and Prime

And YouTube and TikTok and instagram too

Are there…



Photo courtesy

The sun rays signal a glorious new day

As I wake up with you right by my side.

You’ve been with me each step along the way;

We’ve crossed the rivers deep and waters wide.

I have someone to count on in this life

Through ups and downs through pleasure…



Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.