Commit to It

Debbie Miller
Jul 21, 2022
Photo by Benjamin Wedemeyer on Unsplash

You face a challenging cliff ahead-

Afraid that you might drown.

You’re contemplating turning around-

To the safety of solid ground.

But sometimes when you’ve had enough-

feel safety equals stagnation.

You decide that you might risk it all-

Face salvation or damnation

Then, you just let go and jump-

At first it’s overwhelming .

All those things that might go wrong

Send your confused mind reeling,

But if you navigate that cliff-

Find yourself still all in tact-

You might just earn a second chance

To discover the life you lack.

So look at those brave souls around-

The adventurers just like you

Share your thoughts and exchange ideas-

I swear this much is true.

Success requires taking a chance-

To commit is in our DNA.

Those who brave the cliffs in life

Will find blue skies one day.



Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.