In a Think Tank

Debbie Miller
1 min readDec 19, 2020

Heads huddled together,

Shrouded in secrecy,

They- those who seek

To rewrite existence’s

Very narrative-

Clandestinely meet to plot,

Meticulously they scheme,

to destroy or infect

The rest of the world

In the never ending quest

For power and control.

Genetically engineered

Destructive viruses

Kept sealed away

In airtight state of the art

Containment equipment,

Developed under the

Most stringent protocols,

Waiting to be unleashed

On an unprepared

Ignorant populace.

But this time

with a fail safe in place:

An antidote and vaccine

To be administered

in advance at discretion

Of those who choose

To purchase this 21st

Century weapon

Of mass destruction.

An antidote guaranteed

To protect their citizens-

Because, after all these

years it’s still us or them-

While the rest of the world

Feels the horror of

Devastating infection

And the loss of life;

However, masterminds

will emerged unscathed

when they generously offer

the coveted vaccine

To the desperate

world populace-

At a price, of course-

Reaping financial riches

Undeserved accolades

Riding to the rescue

On their Trojan horse,

being deemed the Savior

Instead of the Devil

Of deceit they really are

using science to destroy

Rather than to benefit

Unsuspecting humanity.



Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.