Emotional Minefields

Debbie Miller
Jul 18, 2023


Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

We do not know what we are signing up for —

Eternal love or a continual war.

Relationships are minefields we navigate,

Never knowing if the end is love or hate.

Being alone may be the safer route, but still we try to overcome doubt.

To hope and cling to the fairy tale we desire,

We risk the volcanoes and raging fires of emotions in order to find that soulmate.

Sure that the perfect mate must be our fate.

The question is just how many tries will that we will be up for until hope dies.

None of us knows, so we should all take a chance.

Roll the dice on eternal romance.

Take the initiative; go on that date.

Love may be in the cards-be brave and don’t hesitate.



Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.