Debbie Miller
2 min readMay 26

It starts from within-

Tiny dark seeds of rebellion-

Diseased acts which reveal a level of corruption

Which has been brewing and breeding for centuries,

And no amount of prayer or fasting or sacrifice or denial

Seems to stop the ever advancing tide of those genetic weaknesses

From taking over the unsuspecting host.

The vices come in many forms and flavors,

And all it takes is one small act

To trigger the small seeds of rot into multiplying.

This, as the unsuspecting host loses control of will and autonomy

The addiction flourishes, creating a ravenous hunger-

Seemingly bottomless and infinite-

While the prince of darkness

Celebrates in jubilation as his hard work has paid off.

However, within the rot a mustard seed of faith grows-

Bought by a blood sacrifice eons ago-

And the faithful only have to ask,

For the genetic code can be wiped clean-

A tabula rasa freely offered.

A spirit guide will enter in,

Offering to vacuum up all the rot

Returning the soul to pristine


The trinity of virtues-

Faith, Hope, and Love-

Will take up eternal residence and what was divided will now be made whole.

Although the task of renewal and redemption may seem daunting, have faith and be of good cheer.

The one who has overcome the world can remove the rot and heal the brokenness.

Hence, a new creature will emerge,

And those compulsions, desires, addictions, sins

Will be forgiven and forgotten.

A new life of service will bring purpose and peace.

Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.