Debbie Miller
1 min readMay 5


Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

Like Prufrock I am growing old

I long for heat and feel the cold

Cold that inches closer and invades my very soul

I sometimes stop and then reflect

On goals accomplished and those I neglect

As I pummel forward into the yet unknown

I see the children that I’ve created

And my children’s children

As I start to feel dated

I ruminate about how

in life

I have often fallen short and yet still grown

Life is a puzzle with a few pieces missing

It’s romance and flowers and tender kissing

As well as stress that multiplies each passing day

But the lines that I pen

Reflect my ruminations

About the human condition

And life’s expectations

So I guess in a way words are the legacy I leave

But while there’s time left I will sit in my chair

With the screen door open breathing in the fresh air

Contemplating the yet to be.

Time can seem a foe but she’s really a friend

Each day we live is indeed a godsend

An opportunity to love, learn, and pray



Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.