Time Travel


Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

If I could go to a place and time,

I would choose to be when and where you became mine-

The moment where our souls collided,

The moment where my mind decided,

That for all the years I would be on this earth,

That only your children I would birth,

That wherever I lay my head each night,

That only you would lay by my side,

And as I have traveled through this life

Only you will be able to call me wife.

I knew all this when we met that day

When lilacs bloomed in the month of May,

And even now when the end is nigh,

I’ll only be yours till the day I die,

So if I could travel time I would go back then

And choose this life all over again.



Debbie Miller

I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.