Jan 16

Photo by marina on Unsplash

I think of you day after day-

I hope that life will treat you kind.

I pray for love and happiness

And that you will have peace of mind.

I hope those you love will love you back:

I hope they are always your safe space

Because I know that…



Dec 26, 2022

You danced for me

And we laughed together

Wasting time

Waiting out stormy weather

And I sat on your lap

And you told me a tale

While the heavens outside

Thundered with hail

When the power went out

We lit candles and built a fire

And slowly succumbed

To mounting…



Dec 26, 2022

This consciousness that drives this vessel

Is it programmed or does it have free will?

Can it overcome its DNA?

Or will it just be doomed until

The creator allows code to be overwritten- changed

Or the energy starts to rearrange

And humanity like advanced AI

Short circuits the programming…



Dec 24, 2022

Black bird congregate

In my yard outside my window

And the frightening image of their judgement

Follows me wherever I go

I sometimes dream about them

These messengers from another dimension

Are they warning me about the future?

Are they visitors from my past?

They stare at me

Their black…



Dec 24, 2022

Slow and insidious

It creeps in

Hiding in the corners

Of your mind

Slithering like a snake

Hiding it’s deadly venom

Until alll at once

It rears back its ugly head

And bares its lethal fangs

Striking quickly and irrevocably

Attacking your vulnerable

And unprotected confidence

Leaving you slowly




Dec 24, 2022


Always eternally watching

Feeling the desire to engage

Always overwhelmed

By the desire to be alone

Desperate for interaction

Yet deriving a tortured

yet soothing satisfaction

From the protection

That comes from isolation

Constantly wielding the two-edge sword

of conflicting desires

Hence the hesitation

Jumping headfirst into life




Dec 14, 2022

She has problems she can’t solve

She often seethes in silent frustration

She looks for temporary fixes

bandaids to be her salvation

But the choices she makes

may instead be her damnation

She is her own worst enemy

Trapped in her hand woven tapestry

Composed of dreams of how life…



Dec 14, 2022

Drudgery and repetition

Reveal the situation

Lives of ceaseless tedium

Open channels of frustration

The future offers nothing

We wake and plod

on through the day

Longing only to slumber

To take our pain away

If only we had brushes

Able to repaint our scene

To turn boredom into meaning



Nov 9, 2022

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Your wife disappoints you,

But you persevere

Because football has always

Made your passion clear.

You showed your skills

Against the Rams

And added to the legend

That you are the man.

Your personal life gave you lemons

You make professional lemonade

In the annals of sports

You are among…