Nov 9

Photo by Dave Adamson on Unsplash

Your wife disappoints you,

But you persevere

Because football has always

Made your passion clear.

You showed your skills

Against the Rams

And added to the legend

That you are the man.

Your personal life gave you lemons

You make professional lemonade

In the annals of sports

You are among…



Oct 23

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The spirit hasn’t moved in me

In such a long, long time

And even though my faith is sound

I long for the sublime

The mystical feeling of connect

That pierces through the wall

That current reality hold firmly in check

The Wall that prevents us all

From truly connecting…



Oct 22

Photo by Pang P on Unsplash

You say I write trite poetry

For trite people to read.

My obsession with

the victorian

Has made me difficult indeed .

You — my dear —

are an ass “contraire”

Who drowns in existentialism drivel.

Your analysis is so unfair;

You make my insides swivel.

Let me just begin…



Oct 22

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The evil demon of addiction

Has his claws sunk deep;

He chases away peace of mind

Leaves us without sleep.

How can we escape the longing

Coursing through craving veins?

When like a sadistic lover,

He steals the heart and soul,

Damages productivity,

Destruction is his goal.

Yet I hold…



Oct 18

photo courtesy Chan

I taste the brandy on your breath

As we dance this same old dance

it’s hopeless yet I still

believe we have a chance

The oceans between us are too deep

For either of us to cross

But still we swim against the current

Afraid to admit loss

What once…



Sep 22

Photo by Rafael Garcin on Unsplash

I walked into a spider web;

I felt it wrap around my face.

I felt revulsion sinking in,

Unaware of time and place.

I knew the dangers hidden there

As the spider hid from view.

But, I’m at a loss how to protect myself

From the spider known as you.



Sep 21

Photo by Miha Rekar on Unsplash

She used to be young and wild and free

When she first choose to belong to me,

But life has taken his toll on her.

Yet still she manages to stir

The heart that I gave her years ago

On the side of the road where a winter’s snow




Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller


I am a child of the universe, poet, philosopher and idealist and teacher.